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Nives, The White-Eyed
06 June 2007 @ 05:57 am
I have come back to Livejournal, however, I no longer us this account name. If you are interested, my new LJ account is niveswhitt. I will not delete this account, but I will not use it again ever.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
06 September 2006 @ 06:06 pm
I have no time for Livejournal anymore. I can't keep doing this either. I have too much to do, and way too little time to do it. For as long as a year, this will be my only post. If things can come back under control for me sooner, then I will start posting again. I'm probably going to delete all my friends and communities and quietly disappear from LJ, until I can start using it again (and then I'll re-add some of those friends/communities). The most I will ever do until that time comes is answer comments posted in my journal. I will not delete my account, but for some time, I will not use it either...
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Nives, The White-Eyed
08 August 2006 @ 10:24 pm
School started back this last Thursday, and it's killing all my once readily availible time! I knew this whould happen, but there is nothing I can do about it. All I can think to do is try to weather this out better than I did last year. Reading is the only think I can do, because writing requires more time than I now have, and drawing requires even more time than I have now. And of course I can't do the research I desperatly want to do because all the time spend on that is now school and homework time. Lord I hate having to go to a Georgia public school. If it was another school in another state, at least I could say I have a reason to be okay with going (to learn), but since Georgia is like 50th in the US (in terms of education), it really seems like nothing but a waste of years of my life that I could be using to fufill my dreams.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
26 July 2006 @ 12:08 am
Father and I had to go 30 miles out of our way today just so we could wish my sister a happy birthday, just because my damn mom won't answer the phone so we can say "hi", despite the fact that she is home! I seriously hate her... When we get ther, she won't even talk to use, becasue she knows she is wrong, and we can't even plan anything with my sisters for the weekend. She really hates my father and I.

Because of this, I am feeling very angry and almost blood-thirsty. Thinking is so hard for me right now, and I don't feel right mentally. I feel like I did last time I posted, so other than that I really don't have much to say. I just wish that I could move out and away sooner so I don't have to deal with this crap as much as I am now. If this keeps up, I'm just going to break, and that's it...
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Nives, The White-Eyed
21 July 2006 @ 04:55 pm
I don't have much to say at this time. I don't feel good right now, but not because I'm sick, but just for the simple fact that I feel bad, and on certian matters, confused and lost. I hope that tomorrow I feel better.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
17 July 2006 @ 08:48 pm
Mine foot is feeling much much better todya than it has been for a while now. Still new to fill out mine BIo, but I know that it will take quite a while to do that (because of me being a perfectionist). In the mean time, instead, I'm just adding friends and jioning communities that I've been wanting to for a liong time, but never really got aroud to it. Still not even close to done, but at least I am doing something besides thinking I am working on mine profile only to find that 3 hours went by with no changes. I hate it when that happens...
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Nives, The White-Eyed
14 July 2006 @ 07:16 pm
I just had surgery on mine foot, and the numbing is wearing off... Ow. I had a problem with mine left big toe three years ago, and now the right one started acting up in the exact same manner. But this time I got the surgery quite soon, as opposed to last time, so I'm content that it's over for good (I hope).

Also, can anyone please recommend some really good fantasy creature drawing books? I'm not having the best of luck finding any on dragons at the Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million story or online sites. Anything would be appreciated.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
12 July 2006 @ 10:12 am
dragonologists is not ready yet. There are actually a few things I really need to tweak and test before it is completely ready.

Something really weird happened this morning. After waking up at about 03:00 this morning, I watched tv for a while, then decided to go outside and enjoy the outdoors as much as I could. The full moon was two days ago, but the moon still looked rather full. Needless to say, I suddenly felt a great obsession for the moon. I have no clue what happened, but I just couldn't get enough of the moon, to the point that simply basking in the glory of its bright shine sent shivers throughout mine whole body. It was extremely weird, and I can't even begin to understand it, but all I know is that I am now obsessed with the moon... And mine friend think that mine obsession with horses is weird...
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Nives, The White-Eyed
11 July 2006 @ 04:49 pm
Finally got mine community up and running. It may need some tweating, but it's ready for members to join. It's dragonologists. Though I know not everyone who is interested in dragons wants to be a Dragonologist, I still need people to join soon.

I also have another community that I don't want. If anyone wants the name realdragons, please tell me and I'll hand it over immediately. It may have some stuff already set, but don't mind any of it.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
11 July 2006 @ 04:39 am
My journal is starting to take shape in a way I really like. Because I haven't updated in such a long time, I'm just now seeing the new stuff LJ has, and I like it. I am anxious about the new updated and changes my journal will be making. Wow, upon rereading this all, it's pretty boring, but I guess that's what I get for posting at 04:45 in the morning, lol.

Oh, can someone please help me understand the tags? Because the LJ FAQ is not very helpful to me.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
10 July 2006 @ 09:39 pm
Ok... so I did die for a while. Now that I'm not going to be as distracted as I have been, I will spend more time on Livejournal. I'll start updating later tonight when I'm readier (did I just make up a word)? I will ry to reconnect with mine old friends and will also be making new friends. I'm not going to be focusing on my Myspace as much as this for now.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
03 May 2006 @ 04:32 pm
I promise I didn't die, I'm just unable to do much on a computer anymore. Trying to get on at each opportunity is too tiring to continue. Besides, I've more important things to look up when I actually can get on. As soon as I can get mine own computer, this should change, but until then, mine messages will be few and far between. replies to comments however won't be nearly as sparse however, because I do check mine Emails often.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
02 April 2006 @ 09:34 pm
I'll be able to get on LiveJournal for the entire week of my Spring Break, therefore if I'm not out doing things, I'll be updating quite a bit, I hope.

I finished this book a while ago. Not the most amazing news, but here's where it gets interesting. I read this 300 page book twice in 5 days. I've only done anything like this with Eragon and Eldest, and if anyone has read either, you'll understand why. This other book is called The Dragon DelaSangre. It is about as good as Eragon, and I honestly don't know why. Basically, it is about a dragon named Peter DelaSangre, who has the ability to shape-shift into human form so as to hide from them. He lives the life of a very wealthy human most of the time, but at night he hunts humans for food in his natural form (dragon from) from his secluded island off the coast of Miami, Florida. There are very few dragons left, so when he catches the scent of a female dragon, he goes to pursue her. There really isn't a way to make the summery interesting, but I believe the story is very good, if not very WTFish. It is in a series called "The Dragon DelaSangre" and is authored (is that a word?) by Alan F. Troop. Anyone who is a dragon novel fan should buy this book, and if it doesn't turn out to suit your tastes, it is only $6.50. Please tell me if you liked it if you do buy and read it.

Now that I'm done advertising... I don't know what else to say. I'm going to go ride to Barnes & Noble to buy the next 2 books, so maybe by the time I get back I'll think of something else to say. Later.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
25 March 2006 @ 08:57 pm
I would say "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!", but it has happened too many times before for it not to be possible. My damn teacher has just helped to lose my computer access at home now. This means that I'm probably back on restriction from the computer. Figures that something like this would happen... But this time I will not go on for weeks without reply if there is the slightest possibility of my updating my LJ. I must win this fight!!
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Nives, The White-Eyed
23 March 2006 @ 01:23 am
It's been way too long since my last update. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do about it. I've been off restriction for a while now, but I haven't been able to get on. The problem is that in our house, there is one computer, and two hard drives that my dad and I switch out. My dad does not like me to use his hard drive for anything, which is why we did this; I had my very own and so did he. Unfortunately, something happened to my hard drive and now switching it doesn't work anymore. In order to get my hard drive to work like it used to, my dad has to unplug and replug a bunch of cables just to get mine in, and he really doesn't like doing that, so it is very rare that I actually get to use my hard drive. This is why I haven't updated in so long. I'm not on my hard drive now, and that is because he is being more tolerant of my using his computer because of the circumstances.
As I've said too many times before, I'm going to try to update and talk to my friends here as much as possible. I can only imaging what kinda things they've put, and I'd like more time to be able to catch up. I'll type until I have to get off, for those of you that liked reading my profile.

I have started drawing again, and am very happy to see how much better I'm getting. There are some pics that I want to put up in my journal, but still have no scanner. I have also tried Photoshop (at a friend's house) and really love it, even though it is a very complex program.

Not too long ago I got into the YuGiOh card game. Never thought it could happen to me, but at my school, there were a lot of people playing it, and so I decided to give it a try, and now I really like it. For those of you that think that it is a nerd's game, you couldn't be more wrong. The people that play it are the exact opposite of what you would be stereotypically expecting. Granted, they don't watch the show, or buy anything but the cards; otherwise the term "nerd" would have to be redefined, ya?

My Myspace has been edited some and looks much better than it did before. I don't think that I put my profile name here, so here it is "www.myspace.com/rubydragoon". Semagic isn't on dad's computer, so just copy and paste it if your interested in seeing it. I'm nowhere near done with it, but for now I am somewhat content with it.

Still waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen, like I've said before. I'm just hoping that something not just will, but can happen...

Because of my lack of money (due to buying books and YuGiOh cards), I've given up on the snake... for now. But I will never give up on a horse. NEVER!!!

School still sucks (big surprise there, ya?).

That's about it for now. I can't think of anything else to put, so I'll leave with that all said. Since I'm going to be able to be on more often, please leave me a comment if you'd like. I won't be able to get on as often as I'd like, but the span between logging on shouldn't be more than once a week. If it'll be really long like before now, I'll say so, like I did my last post. I know how annoying it is to look at a friend's profile and see it hasn't been updated for weeks (even though there is no real reason to get annoyed O_o ).
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Nives, The White-Eyed
29 January 2006 @ 09:34 pm
Restriction form the computer sucks... badly. It's even worse when I can use it for the rest ofthe school year. This is as new as my messages will get for a while now.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
16 January 2006 @ 06:18 pm
I don't really have anything to say today... or any of the other days I didn't post. Glad that I got this day off, but other than that, nothing more interesting than that has happened. Well, I did decide to try and bring back a relationship with my mom, but that's it.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
07 January 2006 @ 08:03 pm
Nothing much has happened that I can be cheery about. Jack is gone and school is not he same. Another one of my friends is gone, and school is even more not the same. Gah. At lest I am still able to talk to them or AIM them though. School still sucks and is boring and uninteresting. Over than that, I'm happy to be back with my (remaining (but as my luck would have it, not for long)) friends.

For my new year's resolution, I've finally made up my mind that I'm going to get myself a truck, trailer, and a horse. This is definantly going to be a feat that'll take more than I've even done because #1) I'm fairly lazy, and #2) I've never had more than $150 that was mine at any time in my life. I've got a painful year ahead of me, but the reward will be what's number 1 on my list of things that I want o do in my lifetime. I think this new year is going to be much different that the other years, but in a good way (except for the school part).

This is for 8_bit_quill: I enjoyed having you for a friend and dislike the fact hat you've deleted your account again, but I will not ask you to return this time, I'll let you decide. The reason I asked at first was because I enjoyed talking to you and seeing your poetry.
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Nives, The White-Eyed
27 December 2005 @ 06:31 pm
Yup, it's once again over. It almost feels like winter is over too because of that. But I still got 2 months of cold left, so *woohoo!*. Didn't get that much for Christmas, but I'm fine with that because this Christmas most of us knew what we were going to get before Christmas because we picked out the stuff. Felt good but kinda sacreligious, ya know? But at least I got some of the stuff I've been wanting and not something that I'll pretend to be happy about until I hide it away never to be seen again for the next 5 years... ya know?

I've finally decided that this year (2006, that is) I will make sure to get a truck, trailer, and a horse. I will not let this year slip by hoping that someday I'll get a horse, not again. I SHALL TAKE CHARGE THIS YEAR AND MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!! (maybe except for the one where I befriend a dragon and become a dragon-rider, but I'm still looking :-P). I haven't given up on getting a snake however, but I'm just aiming for a horse much more this year.

For the time being I've stopped drawing and I really want to get back into it, but I'm finding no motivation to. What sucks about that (as most probably know) is that I know that once I actually start again then I'll enjoy it enough to retake it, but it's the part where I get to drawing again that is difficult. I've got to do something about that...

...Can't think of anything else to write, so Merry (post)Christmas everybody!
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Nives, The White-Eyed
19 December 2005 @ 07:35 pm
Ahhh... I love winter. heh, I love the climate the way most people don't like it: I prefer it to be dark, cold, and raining. Sounds strange I know for sure, but there is logic behind this. I like the dark because when it is late, like 1:00, then there are few people out and it is very calm and quiet. I prefer the cold because I'd much rather be cold than hot; besides, the cold doesn't bother me as much as it does a normal person. I like the rain, because it keeps people away and it is very funny to watch people scurry away because they are getting wet. But then again, when I'm walking around at night, it is very nice to have a clear sky to illuminate the road and so that I can see the stars. But then again... again, when there are light clouds at night, it makes it seem like there could be something hiding in the clouds, you know (still hoping that something out of the ordinary might happen).

I think I may have made a mistake. I started playing Ultima Online (UO) again and I'm once again addicted to it. But this time I will not let it control my computer time completely like I let it before!! NEVER!!! But I will be playing it often.

I just finished looking over all of the Dragonlance and Forgottne Realms, and it looks like I'd need at least 5 years set aside to read all of them. Holy crap!! That is a lot of books written in such a short time, it's frickin' unbelievible how many there are, and that they aren't finished with them yet. Can I get an amen? Please?
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